BREAKING: Americans Firing Back After Trump Takes Aim At Newest Target — Harley-Davidson

President Trump attacked Harley-Davidson for supposedly using the European Union’s retaliatory tariffs on its motorcycles as an “excuse” for moving its production abroad, and cautioned that the company would not be able to sell its product back to the U.S. without “paying a big tax.”

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His latest attack, sounding much like his whinny attacks on the NFL, takes aim at HD for moving their operations abroad:

This isn’t the first time Trump has blasted HD:

“Early this year Harley-Davidson said they would move much of their plant operations in Kansas City to Thailand. That was long before Tariffs were announced,” Trump tweeted. “Hence, they were just using Tariffs/Trade War as an excuse. Shows how unbalanced & unfair trade is, but we will fix it.”

“We are getting other countries to reduce and eliminate tariffs and trade barriers that have been unfairly used for years against our farmers, workers and companies. We are opening up closed markets and expanding our footprint. They must play fair or they will pay tariffs!”

“When I had Harley-Davidson officials over to the White House, I chided them about tariffs in other countries, like India, being too high. Companies are now coming back to America. Harley must know that they won’t be able to sell back into U.S. without paying a big tax!”

The famous motorcycle company released a statement on Monday announcing that it would be shifting production of several of its bikes overseas in order to avoid the stiff tariffs imposed by the EU in relation to Trump’s which focused on steel and aluminum imports.

Strict tariffs on the motorcycles were among several trade measures cautioned by the EU after the Trump administration first revealed the steel and aluminum tariffs last month. The company has since become a focal point in the relations between the U.S. and some of its closest allies, including Canada, France, and Germany.

Harley-Davidson has also moved a large section of its production to India and Thailand in the face of high tariffs in those nations

Here’s how Americans reacted:





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