Americans Cheers After Bill Clinton Shares Heartwarming Photo

In a weird way, Donald Trump has this ability to bring people together, not because he tries to (in fact, his policies aim to do the opposite, literally they separate families as punishment) but because the walking contradiction seems to rally people together under the mutual goal of stopping his reign of terror.

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Former President George H.W. Bush shared a heartwarming photograph of him and former President Bill Clinton spending some quality time together on Monday.

“Special visit today with a great friend — and now, a best-selling author. Luckily I had a freshly laundered pair of @BillClinton socks to mark the occasion,” Bush wrote.

Clinton shared an equally kind reply, saying it is one of his “favorite times of the year” when he visits his fellow ex-president.

Clinton is currently touring around the nation in order to promote “The President is Missing,” a novel which he co-wrote with best-selling author James Patterson.

Bush has suffered from multiple health complications this year and has been hospitalized on more than one occasion since the April death of his wife, Barbara Bush. He was cleared for release in early May after a nearly two-week stay due to a serious infection.

Former President George H.W. Bush also revealed this week that he recently got a service dog which he named Sully.

Sully was trained by Americas’s VetDogs, a nonprofit that “provides service dogs to veterans, active-duty service members and first responders with disabilities at no cost”, according to a statement on their website.

“Could not be more grateful, especially for their commitment to our veterans,” Bush wrote in a Twitter post.

Americans were touched by the two men’s warm relationship:






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