Trump Administration Officially Crumbling as Jared Kushner Gets Slapped with Humiliating News

Jared Kushner is the latest member of the administration whose past came back to haunt him in the most humiliating way possible.  After the world found out just how low that Trump’s college professor thought of him, Kushner’s fellow Harvard alum surfaced to express their deep disdain for the prepubescent Kush.

Harvard grad Ben Wikler posted excerpts from the Harvard newsletter that are chock-full of witticisms angled toward Kushner.

One of Kushner’s former schoolmates wrote:

“I, for one, am actually glad our Class of ‘03 finally has a real, live fascist among us,” adding, “Who says Harvard isn’t diverse? I’ve always wanted to meet someone who is as unfamiliar with the principles of democratic self-government as he is with how to grow a beard.”

The Harvard alum continued, “Our most infamous class member probably won’t even attend the Reunion; life’s busy when you’re unwittingly shooting the History Channel documentaries of tomorrow…By the time this is circulated, maybe this entire gangster administration will have jumped bail and taken up residence in the authoritarian regimes of their choice.”

Another alum wrote:

“I think what I’m most proud of…is what I’ve managed to avoid during the past five years. I haven’t been accused of making false statements on or material submissions from security clearance disclosure forms.”

Kushner’s classmate continued, “I haven’t been accused of colluding with representatives of a foreign government to affect the outcome of an election. I haven’t been accused of using my government position to sell visas to foreign investors in my family’s businesses. I haven’t been sued for mistreating tenants or violating rental laws.”

It appears Kushner will be most likely skipping his 15th class reunion.

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