Fox News Host Left Speechless After Republican Congresswoman Announces New Plan For Trump’s Border Wall

All throughout Donald Trump’s campaign he talked about his racist dream to construct a border wall, separating Mexico from the U.S. Despite the number of immigrants illegally getting into this country being at the lowest it’s been in over 40 years, Trump’s bigotry couldn’t allow him to sleep at night, if he wasn’t working towards isolating us from the rest of the planet.
As we’ve already seen, it appears as though this originally stupid idea got a whole lot dumber (and improbable) as the months went on. However, this week, in attempt to recharge the racists of this nation, a Republican Congresswoman, Rep. Diane Black, came forward with a plan that would have Americans paying for the wall.
Rep. Black said she wants to start a, “border wall trust fund.” Instantly perplexed, the Fox News host interviewing her asked, “What happened to Mexico paying for it?”
To which, Representative Black replied, “I would like for Mexico to pay for that, and I’m not close enough to the administration to see what kind of pressure they’re putting on them.” She later added that Trump, “built his case and hopefully in future funding there will be more funding for the wall but why not have multiple sources so we can have the wall done faster?” Wow. What an idiot. How do YOU feel about her ridiculous crowd-sourcing plan to fund the border wall?
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