Americans Applauding After Bill Maher Hits Trump With Knockout Punch For The Ages

On this week’s Real Time, Bill Maher addressed Friday’s school shooting in Santa Fe with his panelists, who included New York Times columnist Bari Weiss and author and journalist Dan Savage. Both had sharp words for the Trump administration and its submission to the National Rifle Association.

Weiss referenced the infamous Access Hollywood tape in her comments:

Well, the NRA has Donald Trump grabbed by the pussy, okay? It’s appalling. The fact that we are not trying to do everything possible to try and stop these shootings is disgusting. You have to be 25 years old to rent a car. Why don’t you have to be 25 years old to buy a gun?

She insisted that we should “try everything”—from refusing to identify the school shooters by name because they “want the notoriety,” to holding the Texas gunman’s father “criminally liable,” since the gun used in the shooting belonged to him.

Dan Savage said the way to bring the NRA to its knees was through filing lawsuits against the organization. He also denounced both the Republican-led Congress and the NRA, a lobbying organization for weapons manufacturers:

The most appalling thing I read today was that more high school students have died the US service members have died in the two wars that are still under way. High schools are more dangerous than Iraq and Afghanistan.

Savage said that reporters talking to the Santa Fe High School students who survived Friday’s attack were in search of “comforting banalities”:

This is so the viewer at home can say, “This is not happening where I live,” or that this will return to normal expectations, that this doesn’t happen every day. This is something that happens every fucking day in this country because of the NRA and the GOP.


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