Watch Trump Prove Why It’s Time to Invoke the 25th Amendment RIGHT NOW! [Video]

President Trump is clearly mentally ill.  He’s proven that he is mentally incapable of running the country time and time again, yet there he is seemingly immune to the law.

The first time he scared us was when he had a severe senior moment during his meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  During their meeting, he suddenly had a blank expression on his face.  Then he wandered off before being redirected back to the Israeli PM.

When his head is clear, he attacks the media and women in disgraceful tweets.

Democrats are pushing a bill to prove that Trump “is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” as cited in the 25th Amendment.

Today, Trump wandered off again after disembarking in D.C.  On the short walk from Air Force One to his limo, he forgot where he was.  After a few moments, security realized that they needed to direct him back to his limo.

Watch the full clip below:

Trump’s father did have Alzheimer’s, and it’s looking like Trump may have inherited his old man’s illness.  Donald just turned 71 and has a very unhealthy diet.

Do you think Trump is mentally ill?

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