President Trump’s Mental Health In Question After Major Slip Up LIVE On TV [WATCH]

A new video showing President Donald Trump walking away from his heavily-armored limousine after getting off Air Force One is once again raising questions about his mental health.

The video records one jaw-dropping moment when Trump appears to fail to recognize his 18-foot-long armored limousine—nicknamed “The Beast”—after he descends he stairs from his plane.

Instead of getting into the car—which has a large presidential seal on the door—Trump walked alongside, the vehicle searching for his ride to the White House. As Trump continued to walk in the wrong direction, a Secret Service agent appears and redirects him towards his ride.

Footage of the bizarre incident soon went viral, with people on Twitter endlessly dissecting Trump’s confusion:

Trump’s recent behavior—both political and personal—has led to widespread calls for the 25th Amendment to be invoked to remove him from office: more and more Americans view Trump as as mentally unable to carry out the duties of his office office. If Trump keeps wandering around in stupor in public like this, it may help jumpstart that process.

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