Ivanka Trump Just Insulted Every American Family in Her Fourth of July Tweet

The Trump family is the furthest an American family can be from being a military family.  Their leader, Donald Trump, is a known draft dodger.

The Twitter-loving maniac-in-chief is known for blocking Twitter users who are outspoken against him.  His most offensive block occurred when he decided to block a veterans organization comprised of hundreds of thousands of Americans who served and fought for America’s freedom.

Without these veterans, Donald Trump wouldn’t be enjoying his gold-plated lifestyle.  For him to block VoteVets is flat out disgusting and unpresidential.

See the tweet below:

As commander-in-chief, Trump’s botched missions have left countless innocent civilians dead in the Middle East.  He also used a Navy SEAL’s widowed wife as a prop during one of his speeches, which was easily one of the lowest moments of his presidency.

Today, Ivanka sent a tweet honoring “those who fight for our freedom and protect this great nation.”

VoteVets responded by asking her the obvious question:

Ivanka wants so badly to be the good Trump, but she’s already been exposed.  She has multiple factories in Asia where workers are being treated like slaves.  She was mysteriously granted Chinese trademarks the same weekend the Chinese President visited Mar-a-Lago.  The list doesn’t stop there either.

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