Edward Snowden’s Response to Chris Christie’s Beach Scandal Says It All

NJ Governor Chris Christie shut down the government just in time for Fourth of July weekend.  While New Jersey small businesses suffered huge losses, Christie decided to spite the people he serves by vacationing at his beach house with his family.

The Star-Ledger ran a story about Christie including photos of him on the beach.  Once the news broke, it quickly became apparent that he lied to reporters when he told them he didn’t get much sun.

Former NSA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden had the perfect response.  He celebrated the photographer’s efforts in a tweet.

Snowden tweeted:

“Rarely does a photographer capture the politics of an era in one frame.”

Snowden also tweeted a photo posted by the same newspaper’s sports columnist, Steve Politi.  The photo shows the drastic difference between the public beach and “Christie’s” beach:

Christie became infuriated by the photo leak.  He told Fox, “What a great bit of journalism by The Star-Ledger. I really wonder about journalists who spend money flying planes to look whether people are actually where they said they would be.”

Meanwhile, President Trump frivolously spent tax dollars by first traveling to his golf club in Bedminster for one day, then taking a round trip flight from NJ to D.C. for the Veterans Concert.

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