Ivanka Trump Just Woefully Tried to Save Her Father’s Failing Presidency

Over the past several days, Trump has reached a point of no return.  His true colors are now boldly on display, and the man has proven that he is a monster.  He went from attacking Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski to promoting violence against CNN on Twitter.

Now, Ivanka Trump is trying to do what little she can to save his image all the while attending a star-studded party in the Hamptons.  Jared and Ivanka attended former Washington Post editor Lally Weymouth’s annual party on Saturday.

During Donald’s chain of recent attacks and tantrums, Ivanka has been uncharacteristically silent on Twitter.  Her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, did show up to trash CNN and support Donald’s wickedness.

Ivanka broke her silence in the following tweet:

“This Admin. is committed to creating 25M jobs & skills based education is critical to our job creation efforts.”

Ironically, she linked her tweet to a story by The New York Times, which is one of her father’s favorite media outlets to trash.

Twitter quickly brought her back down to earth:

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